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Little Dutch gives advice

Help! How to dress my baby for the night?

Friday, January 24, 2020

When do I use a sleeping bag?
A sleeping bag makes sure your child sleeps comfortably. A sleeping bag prevents your child from rolling from back to tummy, climbing out of the bed and kicking off the bedclothes.

Make absolutely sure the sleeping bag is not too big and fits your baby well.
The armholes and neck should not be too wide. Make sure your baby cannot slip down into the sleeping bag. The zip should open up from bottom to top.
This prevents the neck size from varying and your child from opening the zip himself.

If you use a Little Dutch winter sleeping bag (with sleeves) combined with pyjamas or a romper, you often do not need any other bedding. During warmer days you can use the Little Dutch summer sleeping bag (without sleeves) and a sheet or a thin blanket, provided that the bed is made up in a tight and short manner.

Can I use fleece on my baby?
Tests prove that it does not really matter which material the blanket is made of; it is the thickness of the blanket that determines its warmth.
Wool, cotton and fleece each have their own specific qualities when it comes to air permeability, fluid regulation, thermal resistance, drapability and the influence of washing. 
Our blankets are light, nicely warm and breathing. Little Dutch blankets have been tested and have a very good air permeability. Please find more information on TOG ratings here as well.

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